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2011 CSA Program

We plan on continuing the CSA through the fall and winter months, we just need the baby plants to get a good start before we can pick at them. Thank you so much for your patronage this summer, I’ve truly enjoyed visiting with each and every one of you!

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Farmer Tales

I thought it would be fun to share some of the experiences that we have had on the farm with everyone. This will not become a journal, but rather the humorous and satirical side of being a suburban farmer. (more)

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Heirloom Gardens

Welcome to the Heirloom Gardens, a working farm and retreat for it’s owners Tom and Cindy Payne. Heirloom Gardens is a compact 2.5 Acre farm, complete with egg producing chickens, 68 mature Avocado trees, a classic Kitchen Garden and a beautiful perennial garden. (more)

have you ever eaten

Pastured Chicken Eggs

Being brought up in the city, Cindy and I never had the luxury of eating farm fresh eggs. At least twice a week, I speak to the customers that purchase our eggs, time and time again they say these are the only way to go. (more)

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